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Thank You,
We have recently received the dress we ordered and are very happy with the end product.
Thank you.

I wanted to let you know that my dress arrived and it is beautiful. I tried it on and it fits really well with only a minor alteration needed (but, hey, no body is perfect). Best of all, it arrived with plenty of time to find shoes and have the alternation finished in with time to spare before my daughter's wedding the end of May. You made this process practically effortless. .
Thank you so much!!!

You sure did make my day,
You sure did make my day. Words can't say enough about how pleased I am with my dress. The fit is perfect, the color exactly what I expected and it arrived a few weeks earlier than I thought it would. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will certainly feel beautiful and comfortable on my daughter's wedding day thanks to your great merchandise. And the price and free shipping are very appreciated, too. HONESTLY, you're the best!

Thanks! I can't wait to receive them :) I have to say that you and your team have been SO helpful. I've been to many bridal salons searching for the right bridesmaids dresses and I have yet to find another staff that is 1/2 as attentive as you guys!
Thanks again!!

Thank you Amanda,
My daughter received her prom dress today and is very pleased. I will need to do a couple tucks on the sides of the bodice, I see the lining is open to the top...easy for me. Also, I will need to shorten the problem. I am sure she will look great in it when I finish. She loves the fun print and fuchsia/black zebra print combination. I appreciate the great service you gave us.

To Whom it may concern,
I had searched several bridal stores in the Edwardsville and St. Louis area. I couldn't stand being in those stores with the pushy sales ladies. Then I found your store and with Pam's help I found the dress of my dreams and bought it that day. I didn't feel pressured when I was looking around and when I showed Pam several of the pictures of dresses I liked she pulled several down and the second dress I tried on was "THE ONE". Since that day I have came in several times to look at brides maids and mothers dresses and tuxes for the groom. Pam remembered me and greeted me with a warm hello each time. Thank you for you kindness, I have told several brides-to-be that they should skip the St. Louis stores and just come right to you. Once again THANK YOU!!!
--Pam from Bunker Hill

To Whom it may concern,
I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate your company on its excellent customer service team. I have dealt with two ladies, Amanda and Mandy, both of which have been extremely helpful and pleasant. It was a pleasure dealing with both of these ladies.

I got my dress today!!
I wanted to send you a note and THANK YOU! I received my dress today (which was two weeks early by the way). I opened it, and it looks perfect. Exactly like the picture! The size is correct too ( I measured and ordered based on the size chart by the dress maker on your site). Since there was not a shop anywhere close by, I had never seen the dress in person before. I could not be happier. I am absolutely thrilled I found your site and ordered from you (especially since it was reasonably priced).
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

OMG Liz,
What have you done? I'm speechless and in tears. I really and truly appreciate everything you have done to correct the problem. You have certainly exceeded my expectations. With the current economy, people are so uptight, and have little to no patience dealing with customers, especially the ones they can't see over the telephone. Liz you have been a doll the entire step of the way. I can't say enough regarding your customer service, and the spirit in which you have handled my situation. And the turn around time, speaks volumes about your company's mission to meet and exceed customer satisfaction. I'm grateful that it was you I met over the phone last Saturday. The world would be a much better place if genuine people such as yourself exercised patience and poise. Liz i can't thank you enough for all you've done. I look forward in talking with you soon. I'll give you a call once i receive the new dress.
Thank you,

I just wanted to let you all know that I have received my shipment and I absolutely love the dresses!! You guys are fantastic!!! You have been so much help and very quick to answer all my questions!!! THANK YOU! I will never buy from anyone else!!! Thank you again!

Super! Thank you again for your most excellent service today. I'm so glad I called.

Hi JoAnn,
You're awesome; thank you so much. Our wedding date is July 4th 2009.

My Dress,
My dress was a BIG hit! I felt like an absolute princess! Thank you for providing such affordable and fabulous wedding dresses! I refer all my friends to your web site. I have a attached a picture, and it looked even more stunning in person! (Allure Wedding Dresses - Style 8329)

You have been extremely helpful and i thank you very very much :)
Thank You!!!

To all at Best Bridal Prices (Emily, Barb and especially Amanda for all your help in the beginning),
Thank you all so much for all the help with my wedding dress order. I received my dress on Friday- 9 DAYS after ordering it!!! I can't believe how quickly I got it especially since it wasn't due to arrive until May! It's absolutely perfect and I can't wait to wear it :-) I can't stop looking at it!
Thank you all again,
Best Wishes,

Just want to thank you for your excellent service. My daughter picked out her Prom dress on Sat. and I submitted the order that day. Today is Thurs. and it's here. It's in excellent condition and fits her beautifully. She had tried on the exact same dress @ a local bridal store and it's totally the same, but cost much less. Thank you. Keep up the good work. (We did the free shipping option, too).

Amazing Service and Products,
I have ordered over the phone as I live in the UK and delivery would be in my fiance's house in the US. I tried the dress I wanted in a shop in London but when I came to the web site sizing was different. So my fiance took my measurements and I read those to the lady over the phone. I was panicking but the lady was very helpful and answered all my questions. Because I don't have a "standard" body I knew I would have to take my dress to a seamstress. She was amazed with the quality of the dress and refitting was easy. Overall, very happy with all the products, the dress, the shoes and the tiara. Not easy to choose over the internet, but all came together beautifully. Thank you very much for excellent service.

Thanks so much Emily,
Thanks so much Emily for all of your assistance during this process. You have been very helpful and responsive to all of my calls and email. I wish there were more responsive and nice representatives like yourself with every company. It definitely makes it easier for the customer knowing that someone is actually working with you rather than against you.


Dear BBP,
I received my dress, tiara, and shoes on fri. I ordered my dress in Oct, when they sent my conformation they gave me an estimated delivery date and it was the exact date it got here. Over all very satisfied with my purchase.

Best Bridal Prices,
I would like to thank Tricia for going the extra mile and obtaining the information below for me. It is refreshing to know that a large company, such as yours, has employees who are willing to take the time to make the necessary inquiry and contact me with the information.
Again, thank you

Hi Amanda,
I just want to tell you that I received my Wedding Dress today and I am in tears! This dress is so beautiful! I want to thank you so much for pulling the dress out the day that I called and was leery of ordering online again. I will tell everyone I know about! The dress was everything it was represented to be and more! Once our wedding takes place on May 16th I will send you a picture and I plan to put your web site information on our wedding web site! Thank you so much for helping to make my special day complete!
Best Regards,

Dear Best Bridal Prices,
I ordered my wedding dress from you a bit less than 2 years ago, and I was really impressed by your service and quality. I actually advise your dresses to my fiends since.
Thank you,

Thanks very much Tricia,
Hope your bosses are reading this!! imagine coming in on your first day of your holidays to put orders through? that takes dedication!! I hope you have a lovely relaxing holiday on the beach, I'm soooo jealous, I've got snow here!!!
Thanks again,

Hi Tricia,
Not a problem about the name :)  The story turned out
great and everything looks fantastic!  Thank you for putting it on
your web site.  Well thank you so much for everything and take care. I
have already told all of my friends about your site and everyone that
I know that is getting married. 

I got my package on christmas eve. The dresses are gorgeous and the flower baskets are perfect!! Thank you so much for all the help and support. I couldn't be happier with the customer service and the arrival of these beautiful flower girl dresses!!
Happy Holidays!

I ordered my entire bridal party dresses (except for the flower girls)from your web site including my wedding dress. I was even able to make a few changes on the sizes a week or two after my order. The dresses were by Mori Lee(BM) and Davinci(Me), they were all fabulous! The prices were the cheapest on the market for the designer ...I know because like everyone else I shopped around for months and changed my styles a few times. My suggestion ladies ...order the dresses to fit you exactly because you will not be disappointed at least not with the designers I chose. I wish I did because we all had to alter or dresses after which isn't too bad of a thing because the dresses were too big.

I just wanted to let you know that the package has safely arrived and everything inside is perfect, just as I ordered! Thanks for your excellent service and for answering all my questions over the past few months, now I can just look forward to wearing my dress!
Thanks again,

RE: Bridesmaid dresses,
Thanks Joann i will reorder them tomorrow - ps do you have a line manager or anything that i could email to commend you on all your help with this matter for me as I really appreciate all your help from the start??

Thank you soooo much!
You all have been so wonderful with everything along the way with my dress and order. I have told all of my girlfriends about you and other friends that are getting married in the next year. I will definitely use you all in the future for other things.

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